de minimis

by Narrow Vines

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released November 12, 2013

All songs written, recorded and produced by Narrow Vines.
Mastered by Brandon Buttner at Ground Floor Studios.

Album artwork by Ambient Inks.
Photo Credit: Kassidy Paige



all rights reserved


Narrow Vines

Relatably cliché Pop/Rock band with an intelligently musical edge.

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Track Name: Burn Me Alive (Acoustic)
I bled from wild roses
But I don’t really notice
How could I ever focus
When I’m on trial

My grave is laid before me
The fire burning heavy
I pray, “God, be forgiving”
A little while

So Burn Me Alive
‘Cause you don’t know me
Burn Me Alive
Like you’re all-knowing
Burn, burn
Burn Me Alive
Burn, burn
Burn Me Alive

The hunt is weighing on us
And standards change for “righteous”
Can I rely on my gut
To keep me sound

These times are so outrageous
Throughout these Middle Ages
So cast me in cruel pagans
I’d rather drown

You feel my ashes falling
I hear the Lord, He’s calling
And I’m no longer crawling
In dirt, in shame

So at the end of this rope
Untie these threads from my throat
I’ll suffocate without hope
Without a name
Track Name: You Ain't There (Acoustic)
I could check in every tavern
But they hide you in the dark
Of this world I call a cavern
It encloses you, my heart

I can visit every steeple
I could wish on David’s Star
And these congregated people
Won’t know where the hell you are

I’ve been all the way around
And I checked the lost and found
But You Ain’t There, You Ain’t There
I’ve been all the over the globe
But I just can’t let it go
It ain’t fair, You Ain’t There

I could look down just a walkway
At some point you’d disappear
Like the portrait on my wall hangs
You would vanish too, my dear

I could get down on the pavement,
In my tears I’d take a bow
Like I’m here for entertainment
As I beg, “Wherefore Art Thou”

If I’m open on the outside
Then my inside sets ablaze
And I feel like I’ve run out of time
But can I dismiss this phase
Track Name: Guilty as Charged (Acoustic)
If I am guilty as charged
Then would you lock me up tight
And if the timing's just right
Then I'll be guilty as charged

He'd say hold your hand
High above your head
And I'd plead officer
I may be as reckless as you said

So tie me up and turn me in...

So get against the wall
And keep your hands up high
It helps to chain me down
But I just can't help it if I bite

So just stand still and turn around...
Track Name: Rag Doll (Acoustic)
It feels like tug of war
Just like I always lost
Back when my hands were sore
The rope was tight across... the line

Another day to think
About the open wounds
That I can’t seem to fix
With all these tainted tools... this time

I’m no rag doll, please don’t pull me
Back and forth ‘cause I’m your only
Flesh and blood to hate and love
After all… I’m no rag doll

If I could wish away
The past and what it brought
I’d never wish to change
The good things that I’ve got…
Track Name: Dreamin' (Acoustic)
If you've got the chance to go
And you had the wings to fly
Would it take you long to take the risk
Would you take to the sky

So you know the world is wide
And you know the world is round
How can you explore with your wings on the floor
With your feet chained to the ground

Would you leave me behind
Will I ever be meant to fly
Like the birds and the bees, it's the way of life
Will I ever know the true meaning
Why this world is so demeaning

I must be dreamin'

Oh I must be dreamin'
Cause I just can't help thinkin of you
I just can't escape from how you got away
But that's what you do

Yeah you leave me behind

Will I ever be meant to fly
Like the birds and the bees, it's the way of life
Will I ever know the true meaning
Why this world is so demeaning

I must be dreamin'

I must be dreamin
So wake me up
I can't help sleepin'
I can't get enough
Track Name: Encased Unknown (Acoustic)
Tried to think but I’ve lost my mind
Down a drink now I’m calm inside
On my way and I’ve been around
I’m insane my mind’s far from sound

Encased Unknown
Unveil the stone
Are we alone high up on this throne
Encased Unknown

Set a trap and I tried to see
Let it snap but it’s holding me
I can feel that I’ve been restrained
Like the world now we’re both contained

Like a stone I have been displayed
Often shown to enclose this grave
Safely be in this timeless safe
Safe for me in my guarded place